Winter/Spring, 2017

We are blessed to have so many wonderful adult Sunday School class offerings.  Whatever your interest, gender, age group, or family status, you’re sure to find a class where you’ll feel comfortable learning more about God’s Word and His plan in your life.  Please consider joining with other brothers and sisters in Christ in a learning environment on Sunday mornings.


Faith and Community – Meets in Forum A    

March 26-May 21:  Gospel in Life Study Guide: Grace Changes Everything by Timothy Keller is an eight-week video-based study of the gospel and how to live it out in everyday life. Class members will learn how the gospel can change heart, community, and everyday life. Session topics are: City-The World That Is, Heart-Three Ways to Live, Idolatry-The Sin Beneath, Community-The Context for Change, Witness-An Alternate City, Work-Cultivating the Garden, Justice-A People for Others, and Eternity-The World That Is To Come.


Studies of Scripture-Meets in the Adult Library

Led by Hans Teich, this class studies and discusses lectionary lessons from the Lutheran Book of Worship.  Find out what the Bible has to say by journeying through the lectionary with others.  The lectionary is a collection of appointed Scripture Readings for each Sunday and for other occasions.  The lectionary readings for each Sunday typically include an Old Testament reading, a Psalm, a New Testament reading, and a passage from one of the four Gospels.  Many Protestant and Catholic churches use the lectionary readings on a weekly basis.  This class is open to all.


What if Martin Luther Had Stayed Home? – Meets in the Fellowship Hall

An Exploration of the Roots of the Reformation and Our Lutheran Faith. (Meets January 8 – March 26) Led by Miriam Morrison and Pastor Carl Fisher

After Alex Haley published Roots, many people started to comb old court records, public documents, grave markers, family Bibles, and church records in search of their ancestry.  Tracing our genealogy of our families often includes the roots of our family faith. In this course, whether you are a new or a lifelong Lutheran, you will be tracing our Lutheran roots to Martin Luther during a year of celebration of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation 1517-2017. Members will have a chance to meet Martin Luther, the Catholic monk, the father, the musician, the preacher, and the man, who changed the course of the world when he nailed the 95 theses on the Castle Church in Wittenberg and ignited the Reformation.


Intermediate Handbells- Meets in the Bell Room

Led by Craig Cole.  Music reading experience is expected or instrumental experience encouraged. No previous bell ringing experience required.  This group will prepare and perform music in worship services.


Next Chapter-Walking in the Word – Meets in room W164

Led by Kristen and Rob Stark and Andrew Dunn.  This class is geared towards people in their late twenties and thirties and will walk through the Word of God week by week to bring scriptural meaning to daily life.  Using the Bible as our guide, we will explore everyday topics like family life, work, and prayer, and draw in relevant videos, articles, and more.  This class is conversational in style and a great way to connect the Christian faith to everyday life!


CLC’s Women’s Bible Study-Meets in Forum C

The Women’s Bible Study Class’ spring study, “God Loves Us”, begins on April 2 and focuses on the ever-abundant love of God. We invite you to join us as we explore Old and New Testament scriptures, reflecting on the character of God’s divine love and how this translates to our lives today. We will encourage one another to rejoice daily in the dynamic aspects of God’s constant love for humankind and God’s pervasive love for all creation. The Augsburg Adult Bible Studies is used as our exploration guide.


Going Deeper – Meets in room W165

Led by Jonathan Webster and Geoff Maibohm.  Each Sermon Series at Christ Lutheran is designed to help you go deeper into the Bible, reach higher in the Spirit, and grow stronger in your relationship with Christ.  Join this class to discuss the scripture passages that are preached on each Sunday.  What questions do these passages from the Bible raise for you? How do they challenge you to follow Christ and share your faith with others? You are invited to join the Going Deeper class for great conversations on Scripture!


The Crew – Meets in room W150A & B   

(Does not meet January 8 – March 26; Will meet April 2 – May 21)

This class is facilitated by David Deeds.  The class will continue to read and discuss the thought-provoking book by Nabeel Qureshi, Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.  (Beginning with chapter 19).  Qureshi’s book tells the story of one devout Muslim’s conversion to Christianity.  If you are interested in taking a closer look at the beliefs and practices of Christianity and of Islam, and better understanding how and why these two major world religions diverge, this would be a great class for you.  If you’re interested in an in-depth discussion led by the Spirit, come and join in the lively discussion.  Open to all.


CLC Book Club-Meets in Lackey Parlor

This class is facilitated by Dan Hansen and Carl Edgren.  This class will read and discuss the book The Road to Character, by bestselling author David Brooks. In The Road to Character, Brooks focuses on the deeper values that should inform our lives. Responding to what he calls the culture of the Big Me, which emphasizes external success, Brooks challenges us, and himself, to cultivate deeper values. Blending psychology, politics, spirituality, and confessional, The Road to Character provides an opportunity for us to rethink our priorities, and strive to build rich inner lives marked by humility and moral depth.


Emerge: 30s/40s Class – Meets in Forum B

CREED: What Christians Believe and Why. Powerful answers about what Christians believe are contained in the Apostles’ Creed, a historic statement of foundational Christian faith. In this class, you’ll have an opportunity to explore what Christians believe, why it matters, and how to share it with others. Topics include the nature of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, The Church, Forgiveness, and Resurrection. In a day and age when there are many different perceptions of what Christians believe, this class will empower you to clarify and deepen your faith.