McClintock Partners in Education Freedom School at Christ Lutheran Church

The Freedom Schools are the Children’s Defense Fund summer program with over 140 Freedom School sites serving over 9,000 children nationwide. In partnership with Freedom School Partners  (formerly Seigle Ave. Partners), McPIE is excited to sponsor its second Freedom School at Christ Lutheran this summer!

The CDF Freedom Schools program provides summer enrichment that helps children fall in love with reading, increases their self-esteem, and generates more positive attitudes toward learning. Children are taught using a model curriculum that supports children and families around five essential components: high quality academic enrichment; parent and family involvement; civic engagement and social action; inter-generational leadership development; and nutrition, health and mental health.

For seven weeks we will be able to serve 30 McClintock students and 20 younger siblings (10 K-2nd and 10 3rd-5th) providing a safe and enriching environment for all of the children in a family. McClintock Middle School Chorus Teacher Willie Pinson, in his third year with our summer program, will be site coordinator for the McPIE Freedom School.

Each morning will open with the daily “Harambee!” which is a self-and-group affirming celebration and preparation for the day ahead followed by a guest reader. The day continues with a literacy based curriculum for the morning followed by planned learning activities and field trips in the afternoon.

You can support Freedom School and provide a safe, enriching summer for 50 students by:

•  Supporting a child to attend this summer:

  • $1,000 supports a child for the summer
  • $500 supports a child for half of the summer
  • $150 support a child for 1 week
  • $ 75 provides books for 1 child for the summer

•  Visiting “Harambee!” one morning this summer…guaranteed to make you smile all day!
•  Becoming a reader – Sharing a favorite story. Any morning during the summer (6/21-8/6).
•  Serving as an afternoon volunteer – Sharing a special skill or interest. Any afternoon (6/21-8/6).
•  Donating games, puzzles, Legos, craft supplies, books, etc. for activities. Drop off at McPIE collection area, rear of fellowship hall

Please make checks payable to Christ Lutheran Church/McClintock Fund OR, you can take advantage of employer matching gifts by making checks payable to the Foundation for the Carolinas – McPIE Fund and attaching your employer matching gift form.

Thanks for making a difference in a child’s life!


Fast Facts About Summer

  • On average, low income students lose 2 months of reading ability every summer – a key factor in the achievement gap.
  • For Freedom School Scholars, 60% improved and 30% maintained reading scores over the summer, outperforming peers.
  • UNCC Center for Social Justice based on sampling of Charlotte Freedom Schools, Summer 2009.
Other Summer Opportunities

2009:  Lutheridge, Junior Achievement, Hornet’s Nest Girl Scouts, and UNCC provided scholarship assistance for other McClintock students to participate in their camps.  THANK YOU!

You could help us locate opportunities and connect students and families to them if you have some time in April and May for research and phone calls, etc. Contact McPIE TODAY!


“I am still overwhelmed at the amazing job you and your staff are doing at your site.  Besides being completely organized and having everyone on-task (and on-point), everyone’s demeanor was so agreeable that I wouldn’t even know I was visiting a first-year site.  The positivity exhibited by you and your staff was infecting everything and everyone around you.  I would never have known about the particular backgrounds of the scholars had you not shared some insight; I really believe this summer will change thier outlooks on life!  GOOD JOB!!!”

            Daniel Smith, Children’s Defense Fund, Washington DC after site visit in July 2009