Daytime Tutors & Volunteers

Volunteers are paired with a teacher of a
particular subject and/or with a particular student
Most Volunteers work 1-1½  hours each time they work
We also help provide:
*  Proctors for testing several times a year
*  Chaperones for field trips
*  Help with Staff Appreciation Events
*  Volunteers in MediaCenter and for Book Fairs
*  Help in Parent Volunteer Room with clothing closet or food pantry
*  20+ volunteers in school weekly

“I love my boys. They are bright and funny and they work very hard. One doesn’t even have a dictionary in his native language…I am so blessed with these boys in my life.”
Debbie Allwine, tutor for 5 boys.

Teacher Partners
Volunteers are paired with a teacher providing encouragement via notes, prayers, emails, treats, and small tokens of appreciation.
“Teachers have a hard job- making them feel special is the least we can do.”
Janet Ernst, partner for 3 years
Truancy Court

North Carolina Court System program provided by generous support of Shumaker, Loop, & Kendrick LLC and ICG Capital Partners Church member, The Honorable Judge Elizabeth Trosch, volunteers for this program, meeting with a group of students identified because of high absenteeism and parents each Friday morning before school for one semester (and a new group for 2nd semester).

Teachers provide weekly progress reports, and the school guidance office participates and facilitates.
Last year McClintock had best results for Middle Schools in CMS
decreasing participant absenteeism by 56% on average (program goal
was 10%).
What did you like best about the program?
Student Responses:
*  “I liked how you could say anything to the judge and they understood.”
*  “That they took their time out for us”.
*  “Going to the jail house to show us the process and just the look
of it.  I DO NOT want to go there!”

Parent Responses:
*  “The support even in sight of hopelessness.”
*  “Kindness and attentiveness.”
*  “Letting my child meet with the Judge which made her understand the importance of school.”

Volunteer could do shopping for incentives and breakfast or could help organize student folders.

Golf and Rugby Clubs and Enhancing Sports Teams

East Mecklenburg Rugby Club players and coach offer Tuesday afternoon Rugby Club for interested students to learn the game.
Christ Lutheran Church golfers offer two afternoons each week of golf instruction and practice at Charles T. Meyers Golf Course.
High School student volunteers worked with Volleyball Team and its coach twice a week after school.
We could offer help with every sport (or if middle school sports truly get cut, we could provide inter-school opportunities to play!

Family Circles

Clubs offered during SWAG (Students Will Achieve Goals) Thursday and on Tuesday Nights.
Examples: Career Exploration, Peer Mediation, Leadership Development, Anuvia, a Literacy program for families build home libraries.
Wrap-around services provided or connections made for fragile circumstances.
A teacher partner and community partner build relationships and stay in touch with a family.
Provided by Gang Prevention Coalition Grant and the Gang of One.
More community partners always needed.

A Very Merry Christmas

Sponsored 163 individuals from 38 McClintock families.
Families that wanted one received a live tree complete with stand, lights, and decorations.
All families received grocery gift cards for Christmas dinner groceries.
McClintock parents participate in shopping and wrapping events.
Some families are paired up with one family in particular and begin or continue a Family Circle relationship.
Money raised by CLC youth Christmas programs, individual donations, and church benevolence budget (over $15,000 for 2009).

Furniture Ministry

Every child should have a bed.
Every family should get to sit around a table for dinner or sit on a chair or couch to watch TV.

Kathy Cullum coordinates our efforts to make this happen.  As we become aware of a family in need and donations to match that need, pick ups and deliveries are made.  Sometimes furniture is donated to Crisis Assistance and referrals are made to them and transportation is provided to facilitate process.
Most needed items: beds, mattresses, dressers, tables, living room furniture, washers and dryers.
You can help with pick ups and deliveries or you can donate used furniture or appliances.