logo_mcpie_vertical-01UNCC Program Evaluation 2007-2015
Top 12 Takeaways from UNCC Evaluation

In 2007 Christ Lutheran Church adopted McClintock Middle School and McPIE evolved. It is a partnership between the church, the community, and the school. The mission for McPIE is the ensure that McClintock students have access to the support, opportunities, and resources which will provide them with the best education available anywhere and to ensure their future, life-long success in the 21st century world. We seek to create a sense of community centered on the school and to build social capital between people from different socioeconomic, educational, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.

 McClintock Middle School Fast Facts

• 622 students
• 78% economically disadvantaged (low income/poverty level)
• 87% minorities

“This collaboration has helped so many McClintock students and families and the school’s  surrounding community – it is a successful model that is helping shape other partnerships ….. Christ Lutheran has shown caring, commitment and leadership. Our students and everyone in our community have benefited from this vision and dedication.”

– Samantha Evans, Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools