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  • 2 Becoming One – God designed marriage, he can make it work. 8 sessions small group video series created to help people learn biblical perspective on marriage & develop practical tools to build Christ-centered marriages.
  • Making Marriage Work – 8 sessions. A biblical look at marriage with topics that include: myths, pressures, conflict & faith.
  • Intimate Marriage Curriculum Kit – 8 sessions. Introduces key concepts for healthy marriage, leaving your family of origin, weaving a life together. Topics include communication, dreams & Demands, family ties, forgiveness, male & female sexual intimacy.
  • Love Talk – Les & Leslie Parrott. 6 sessions. Set off to crack the code for meaningful conversation. A deep, simple plan for everything a loving conversation has to offer.
  • The 5 Love Languages – DVD with Dr. Gary Chapman
  • Love & War – Finding the Marriage You Dreamed of – 8 session with DVD


  • I Promise – Audio & Book – Gary Smalley. Five commitments to create security in a marriage. Make your marriage the safest place on earth.


  • To Live as Christ – The Life & Ministry of Paul – 11 sessions. Join Beth Moore on a journey into the life and heart of Paul the apostle.
  • Living Beyond Yourself – Exploring the Fruits of the Spirit – 11 sessions. Join Beth Moore for an in depth study of the fruits of the Spirit – living proof that the Spirit of God dwells in us.
  • Stepping Up – A Journey through the Psalms of Ascent – 7 sessions. Join Beth Moore as she explores Psalms 120-134. Traveling pilgrims sang these psalms both on the way to the great festivals of the Jews and as key elements of the worship festivals.
  • Wising Up – Wherever Lie Happens. Join Beth Moore in this 11 week study of all aspects of a woman’s life from finances to sexuality. Comes highly recommended!
  • Daniel – Lives of Integrity, Words of Prophecy – 12 sessions. Join Beth Moore in a unique study that falls in two parts. Chapters 1-6 deal with Daniel’s life of pressures and temptations. the second part is chapters 7-12, which explore thrilling propehcies from the time of Daniel through the second coming of Christ.
  • Esther – It’s Tough Being a Woman – 9 sessions. Join Beth Moore in a very personal examination of the Old Testament story of Esther as she peels back the layers of history and shows how very contemporary and applicable the story is to our lives today.
  • Here and Now..There and Then – Lecture Series on Revelations  – 11 session on the Book of Revelations
  • Breaking Free – The Journey the Stories – 11 session study of freedom in Christ, based on the book of Isaiah. You will identify five primary benefits of the Christian life.
  • David – Seeking a Heart Like His – 11 session study. If you’ve ever experienced doubts, temptations, inconsistencies, losses or anguish over family problems, join Beth Moore on an exciting and intimate journey to know King David, the man after God’s own heart.
  • James – Mercy Triumphs – Be inspired to put your faith into action as you get to know both the man and the Book of James.   An 8- week bible study
  • Children of the Day – Study 1 & 2 Thessalonians in this 9 session study.
  • The Law of Love – Lessons from the pages of Deuteronomy – 6 DVD’s
  • Living Free – 6 weeks of personal study. This combines key concepts from the study, Breaking Free, with practices in her book, Praying God’s Word, for a more in-depth look at freedom in Christ.


  • Discerning the Voice of God – How to Recognize When God Speaks – Seven teaching lessons that provide participants with practical help in knowing what you hear is from God. Through this study you will become more familiar with God’s Holy Spirit, His character, lanuage and tone of voice.
  • Jonah – Navigating a Life Interrupted – You can’t escape life’s interruptions. They shock us; they shake us; they compel us to change. You can’t escape life’s interruptions, but you can change your perspective on them. Dive into the study of Jonah and discover that what you see as an interruption may truly be God’s divine invitation to a life so much bigger than you can imagine. Seven sessions
  • Breath – The Life of God in Us – 6 sessions
  • Gideon – Gideon’s epic victory tells of one man’s struggle  with his own weakness, and the One True God who transformed it into triumph.7 video sessions
  • One in A Million – From the pew to the pavement – 7 video sessions


  • If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat – A journey on learning to trust God. 6 sessions. Based on John Ortberg’s award-winning bestseller. Learn how you are just on a step away from the adventure of your life.
  •  The Life You’ve Always Wanted – Spiritual disciplines for ordinary people – 6 sessions. Based on John Ortberg’s bestseller on spiritual disciplines. What does true spiritual life really look like? What keeps you from living such a life? How can you pursue it?
  • Soul Keeping – Caring for the Most Important Part of You – a 6 session video based study that will help readers discover their soul and take their relationship with God to the next level.


  • The Purpose of Christmas – Rick Warren leads you through a DVD based study on the true purpose of Christmas. Teaching form the Gospel of Luke in three sessions, he helps you see three purposes of Christmas announced by the angel the birth of Jesus. Once you understand the purpose of Christmas, your life will never be the same.


  • Becoming a Contagious Christian – Communicating your faith in a style that fits you. 6 sessions. Small group.
  • Doing Life Together – 36 sessions. Small group or congregation curriculum built completely one the Purpose Driven (Rick Warren) paradigm.
  • Disciple – Becoming Disciples Through bible Study
  • Disciple – Into the Word into the World (Gensis-Exodus/ Luke-Acts) DVD 32 segments
  • Advent Conspiracy – 4 session DVD series; This study shows how to substitute consumption with compassion by practicing four simple, but powerful concepts: worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all.
  • Always True – God’s Promise when Life is Hard (James McDonald) – God loves making promises to His children, and always keeps his word.  James McDonald explores 5 key promises from Scripture and five way believers can respond to them by faith.
  • Animate Series –
  • The Alpha Course Manuel – 15 sessions.
  • Basic – DVD’s on Prayer, Fear God, Holy Spirit, Teaching, Fellowship, Follow Jesus)
  • Biblical Financial Study – Did you know that the bible contains 2,350 verses dealing with money?  In this study, topics include getting out of debt, saving, spending, budgeting, investing & other topics.
  • Crazy Grace for Crazy Times (Derwin Gray) – a 6 session DVD that helps understand Paul’s motivate for writing 1 Corinthians.
  • Discovering God’s Will – How to Make Decisions with confidence; this small group or personal study will take you through the important steps of decision making decisions while pursuing God’s will, seeking counsel, learning discernment, and understanding scripture. 8 sessions
  • Discovering God’s Vision for your Life
  • Facing the Unknown – in 4 sessions viewers will experience cinematic short films that show Abraham living in the 21stcentury.  Mark Batterson will teach on the biblical principles from Abraham’s story that apply to us today.
  • Give Up Something Bad for Lent – James Moore challenges us to give up something we are better off not doing.  He invites us to seek God’s help on eliminating one habit or attitude that is destructive.
  • The Greatest Story PAUL – DVD and study guide
  • The Greatest Story BIBLE INTRO
  • Haugk Spiritual Gifts Inventory
  • The Heart of the Story –  Discover Your story within the Grand Epic of God’s One Story
  • Hebrews – The Nearness of King Jesus  – a Lisa Harper 7 session study  on the Book of Hebews
  • History of Christianity – a 6 part series introducing the fascinating and perplexing history of the Christian Church.
  • James (Celebrate James) – 12 session DVD that will study a letter written by James and discuss how trials and troubles result in joy.
  • Jesus and the Final Days – 13 session that studies Mark 9-16 and understanding the Savior.
  • John the Gospel of Light and Fire (Adam Hamilton) – Join Adam Hamilton and experience a season of spiritual growth and life-changing renewal while exploring the major themes of John.
  • Making Sense of Scripture
  • Nehemiah: A Heart that Can Break – 7 session DVD and bible study where Nehemiah will inspire you to listen to what God has put in your heart to do.
  • NEWTORK (binder) – Discover your spiritual gifts
  • NOOMA Series – is a series of short films that explore our world from a perspective of Jesus.  NOOMA is an invitation to search, question, and join the discussion.
  • The Organic God – 6 sessions.  What if we could simplify our lives, starting with our faith?  Join Margaret Feinberg on location in Juneau, Alaska as she explores what it would look like to have an organic relationship with God.  One that is stripped of all pollutants, additives and other distractions that can cloud.
  • 1 Peter – A Living Hope in Christ – a 9 session DVD where Peter challenges us to look beyond our current circumstances to a future inheritance.
  • Proverbs: Uncommon Sense – This 13 week study in key topics from the Book of Proverbs will help to understand what wisdom is, and how to apply wisdom in communication, relationships, emotions, finances, and other areas.
  • The Pursuit of Holiness – Helps us see clearly what we should rely on God to do and what we should accept responsibility for ourselves.
  • The Reason for God– 6 sessions.  Pastor and Author Tim Keller meets with a group of people over 6 sessions to address their doubts and objections to Christianity.
  • Satisfied – 6 session DVD Bible study where you’ll explore biblical cities like Ephesus, Laodicea, and Corinth and discover their daily challenges are very similar to ours.
  • Spiritual Disciplines Handbook
  • The Story – 3 DVD’s
  • Unstoppable Gospel – 6 DVD sessions studying the people and their lives in the Book of Acts.



  • Book of Faith – How did the Bible come to be our book of faith? Open scripture and join the conversation. The Bible is the most popular book in human history, appearing in hundreds of languages around the world. Where did it come from? How did the bible get written? How did it come to be our essential and cherished book of faith?


  • The Battle Plan for Prayer – Kendrick Brothers – This Bible Study is designed to help believers become more devoted to prayer and to faithfully and effectively wield the weapon of prayer in the battles and seasons of life.
  • Just Walk Across the Room – 4 sessions. Simple steps on pointing people to faith.
  •  S.H.A.P.E. – Finding & fulfilling your unique purpose for life – 6 sessions. Have you discovered the unique purpose God has for your life? Designed to take you to that next level of purpose – to reveal how God has designed you and help you to see how that design fits the intention for which you were created.
  •  He Chose the Nails – Max Lucado – 12 sessions. Have you fully experienced the claims of the cross? Join Max Lucado on a bible study journey into the grandest topic ever explored – the death of Jesus of Nazareth. Study book only.
  •  3:16 – Stories of Hope – Max Lucado. Experience the essential truth of the Christian faith: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. 12 five minute segments on DVD.
  • Fearless – Max Lucado – 6 sessions. Max Lucado addresses some of your biggest fears and shows you how the solution may be easier than you think.  This timely study will guide you and your small group on a journey to the day when you can trust more and fear less.
  • The Shelter of God’s Promises – Sheila Walsh – 10 sessions -Sheila Walsh primes Scripture for what God has promised us, what God’s promises mean, and how these promises provide the foundation for daily confidence, joy, and hope.
  • Lord Change my Attitude – James McDonald – 11 sessions – This study, based on the Israelites’ journey out of Egypt, shows how your attitude can keep you in the wilderness or allows you to enjoy the blessings of your promised land.
  • The Truth Project – 12 one hour DVD’s
  • When Life is Hard: Turning Your Trials Into Gold – James McDonald – 6 sessions – Bible study based on Biblical truths that provide encouragement, hope, and answers to those enduring difficult times. It’s focus is to enlighten participants with very real, very practical answers, straight from God’s word.
  • What Ifour small group made a difference in our lives?
  • Mr, Myself and Lies – 7 session study by Jennifer Rothschild exploring the power of self-talk.
  • Brave: Honest Questions Woman Ask – a 7 session DVD by Angela Thomas
  • Missing Pieces (Jennifer Rothschild) – A 7 session DVD by Jennifer Rothschild and explore the realistic look at the messy, mysterious uncertainties of faith.
  • The 7 Experiment (Jen Hatmaker) – 7 is the true story of how Jen took 7 months, identified 7 areas of excess and made 7 simple choices to fight back against the modern day disease of greed, materialism, and overindulgence.
  • The Nines
  • Ed’s Story; A Film Series about Hope – a 7 part DVD series, Ed Dobson wrestles with some of the inevitable issues suffering raises: worry, identity, forgiveness, gratitude and healing.  Emerging from it all is the discovery of hope.
  • Faith Abundant and True – Kay Arthur, Beth Moore & Priscilla Shirer – 6 sessions – While these three women each speak on the distinctive topic the Holy Spirit had lead them to teach, the messages result in a marvelous blend. Kay challenges us to faithfulness in difficult days. Priscilla points to the essential of trust in God’s ability, and Beth teaches on how to discern truth from error in these difficult days.
  • Paul the Apostle – What Culture Doesn’t Want You to Hear – 4 sessions – Americans live in a culture that places high emphasis on entertainment, acheivement and self. Its increasingly difficult for Scriptural Truth to cut through the noise and sink into our hearts. David Nasser uses the life of Paul to highlight how followers of Christ can stand up to cultural “norms” and stand firm in Christ.


  • A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance (Book) – Help for the losses in life.
  • Celebrate Recovery – A recovery program based on eight principles from the Beatitudes. Discover hope and change you thought was beyond your reach. 25 sessions
  •  Walking by Faith – Lessons learned in the darkness – Jennifer Rothschild. It can be well with your soul even when it isn’t well with your circumstances. DVD only
  •  Fingerprints of God – Jennifer Rothschild. Recognizing God’s touch on your life
  • The Best Yes – a DVD
  • Divorce Care Kit
  • Downpour: He Will Come to us like the Rain (James McDonald) – 12 sessions – This study leads Christians to take the personal steps they need to return to the Lord and experience spiritual renewal.