Earlier this year the Council adopted a 20/20 Vision by asking the very important question, “Where
do we want to be as a congregation in the year 2020? With “only” four more years to go, how are we
doing? With this article, I wanted to give you an update.

WELCOME: Intentional Integration
It’s been said that Sunday morning is the most segregated hour of the week in America. By being
intentional with our racial integration through deep conversations, congregational events and better
understanding, we want to be a leader in the ELCA in what it means to refl ect better the Body of
Christ. It is not easy, but it is the right thing to do. You can do your part by learning names, listening to
stories and including others in order to be an integrated congregation.

CONNECT: Invested Involvement
Our goal is to have over 1000 adults in small groups. Pastor Drew is heading up this challenge by
providing a fi ve-part training program this summer in preparation of launching more small groups next
September. In a fractured, impersonal world that tries to communicate with 144 characters or be “friends”
with people on Facebook, small groups are about real relationships with real people living real lives.

EQUIP: Inspired Instruction
Pastor Melody is taking our small group initiative to heart and developing a similar program for the senior
high youth so that they can enjoy the intimacy and connections with others in their age group. She is also
reworking youth ministry for both Middle School and High School to have a further reach and deeper impact.

SEND: Ignited Impact
Christ Lutheran is leading a nationwide initiative with Lutheran World Relief to secure 10
congregations in the country to commit $100,000 over four years to change the world—or at least
one county in India named Bihar. I am pleased to announce that we’ve got those congregations
committed, we have a task force in place and we have plans to deepen our impact around the world.

WORSHIP: Initiate Increase
We are thrilled to have Pastor Matt on staff to head up our second campus called for now, Christ
South. He is gathering with interested folks, meeting with a prayer team, recruiting a band and
making plans to launch in January. This campus will provide a unique style of worship that is not
found at Christ Providence.

New Land Purchase: We continue to look seriously at all the options for making use of the acre of
land we recently purchased across from the offi ce building. Emergency house, senior independent
living, adjunct offi ce space and a counseling center remain on the table. Before any decision is made,
the congregation will have the ability to weigh in and be heard.

Office Renovation: Thanks to a generous gift from a member of the congregation, we have
transformed the Studio into offi ce space for about fi ve members of our Outreach Team. In addition, we
have enough to paint and carpet the offi ce, update the furniture, build a handicap accessible ramp in
the front and replace the rotting windows. By the fall, stop in and see what we’ve done to the place!
I know it is summertime. I know that things are supposed to slow down. I know that we look forward to
this time of vacations, reading and regrouping but the vision of Christ Lutheran continues to burn in my
heart to share with all of you. I ask for your prayers. I welcome your input. And I embrace your support as
together we boldly seek to give glory to the One who named and claimed us as his very own.

How is Your Vision? Is it 20/20?
Pastor Scott