A Third Campus?

Yes. . .with your approval

On Monday, June 19, the church council unanimously approved a vision of merging with Family of Faith Lutheran Church in Concord in order to create a third campus of Christ Lutheran that will be renamed Christ Concord.  Family of Faith is a small, 30 year old congregation that has struggled in recent years, even though they are in a growing and vibrant community near Concord Mills and the Motor Speedway. We believe that this merger will enable us to support, coach, encourage and invigorate this community into a vibrant congregation.

This is not a satellite model that we have seen with several mega churches where each site looks and sounds exactly like the other with a star preacher on a screen. This paradigm is different. This third campus will mirror what we are doing at Christ South in many ways. We will have one membership, one council, one staff, one budget, one vision, one church and yet at the same time we will allow for individual expression at each of the three campuses in terms of worship style, program choices and outreach strategies.

There are many details yet to be worked out including technology, web site, logos, staffing, worship, finances, etc.  And we have a transition team in place working on all of those details.  What I need from you is to be a part of this important process with your participation at two events:

           Sunday, July 16 at 10:10 am (Center Six) and 12:00 pm (Sanctuary)         Town Hall Meeting
This gathering in the sanctuary after worship will be a time to ask questions, hear about the vision and participate in the process.

           Sunday, August 13 at 12:00                                                                            Congregational Vote
This gathering will vote on the vision which will include the merger of the membership, finances and property of Family of Faith into Christ Lutheran as well as calling Pastor Paul Myers (the new pastor of Family of Faith) as a pastor on staff at Christ Lutheran.

I do hope that you can attend these two meetings.   God is doing something new again at Christ Lutheran and we are trying to be faithful and bold in our obedience.  Your participation will help us in discerning this direction.


One response to “A Third Campus?

  1. Scott,
    The notion of helping a struggling church certainly fits with many of our goals whether we call a missionary approach or whatever and I endorse the idea.
    But, among many questions is ‘why this church in Concord’? Surely there are many other churches that are struggling so should we be looking as this as the beginning of these activities?
    As you have already pointed out there remains many questions about staffing, objectives, funding. etc.

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